Interior Designer

The candidates are required to be artistic, detail-oriented and with interpersonal skills, who mainly undertake residential kitchen designing projects. The main responsibilities include analyzing movement and use patterns of the space. The candidates need to prepare sketches or other visual aids to demonstrate preliminary designs, consult with their clients on materials they would like used in a project, then determine timelines for projects based on those estimates and costs involved before presenting it all together. The candidates should make sure the installation of materials, furniture, and other design elements are carried out to perfection.

Job Location:

43645 S Grimmer Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538

Job Type:

Full Time


$66,000 a year


Health insurance / 401(K) / Paid time off

Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in interior design or related field.

Portfolio of design work.

Project management experience.

Experience with computational design.

Highly creative, imaginative and artistic.

Excellent communication skills, especially in regard to communicating an artistic vision.

Proficiency in AutoCAD, Illustrator, 2020 Design or similar design software.

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